Article 1: definitions
A&N Vastgoed: A&N Vastgoed BV The Hague.
Client: any legal person who ordered A&N Vastgoed to mediate for a house or company property.
Order to mediation: The Client instructs A&N Vastgoed to act as an intermediary for payment in concluding a lease with a third party for accommodation suitable for the Client. A&N Vastgoed acts in favour of Client and has been given consent by various potential lessors of accommodation to present accommodation by various means. A&N Vastgoed does not act in favour of potential lessor.

Article 2: Details of the instructions, work and working method of A&N Vastgoed
1) The work of A&N Vastgoed can, according to the wishes of the Client and what parties further agree on in the performance of this agreement, consist of the following matters:

  • Identifying the residential wishes/search profile of the Client;
  • Looking for and selecting suitable accommodation for the Client based on the Client's  residential wishes/search profile;
  • Carrying out viewings for the Client and providing information on one or more homes to be leased, including the organisation thereof
  • Giving general information about the possibilities of finding a home, the local housing market, accommodation permits, housing allowance, rent protection, rent prices, registration in the municipal personal records database;
  • Assessment of viewings with the Client;
  • Compiling a file on the Client and on that basis presenting the Client as a prospective lessee to potential lessors and working towards them allocating the home in question to the Client;
  • Carrying out negotiations with potential lessors on the content of the lease on behalf of the Client;
  • Concluding a written lease and arranging for signing of the lease by both parties;
  • Groviding information on and explanation to the lease;
  • Ensuring that the first payment to the lessor is made on time;
  • Organising handover of the home to the Client;
  • Where necessary addressing the lessor on the observance of his obligations on the commencement of the lease;
  • Assisting in acquiring connection to utilities;

2) In the performance of the work as referred to in article 2 paragraph 1 A&N Vastgoed will only represent the Client's interests and not those of the potential lessor.

3)  The Client is aware that A&N Vastgoed has been given consent by various potential lessors of accommodation to present accommodation by various means, including the website of A&N Vastgoed and/or websites of third parties, such as Pararius or Funda.

4) The Client will provide A&N Vastgoed on his own initiative with all information, data and documents necessary for the performance of the assignment and the Client will guarantee the accuracy thereof.

Article 3: Reservation agreement
Once the Client has chosen certain accommodation the parties will record this in writing in a so called reservation agreement, to be signed by the Client.
This will record:

  • Specifications of the accommodation in question
  • On signing the reservation agreement, the Client will pay A&N Vastgoed a down payment of a half of a month's rent.
  • After signing the reservation agreement, A&N Vastgoed will present the Client to the lessor for the accommodation in question
  • When the lessor is prepared to accept the Client as lessee, the negotiations with the lessor start on behalf of the lessee on the content of the lease.
  • When the lessor is not prepared to accept Client as lessee, the down payment will refunded to Client.

In case of the Client deciding to cancel the rental process based on whatever reason, down payment will not be refunded.

Article 4 Payment for the services of A&N Vastgoed

1) For the mediation of properties within our own database we do not charge a mediation fee.

2) If a lease is concluded for accommodation between the Client and lessor due to the services of A&N Vastgoed, the client has to pay administration costs to A&N Vastgoed equal to € 275.00 (incl. VAT). These administration costs are deemed to be a reasonable fee for the work carried out by the A&N Vastgoed for the Client in performance of this agreement.

3) The Client agrees to pay the rent for the first month, the deposit and the administration costs to A&N Vastgoed and not to occupy the accommodation until he has made these payments.

Article 5: Registration
Your registration will be valid for one year. From the registration date to successfully mediating a house. The fee is € 35,- (€ 15,- for students). After receiving your payment your registration information will be stored in our files. When no payment has been received after two months your data will be destroyed. Every candidate will be investigated for acceptance concerning solvency before signing an agreement. In some special cases there will first be consultation with A&N Vastgoed. Under special circumstances tenants can be refused for a house.

Article 6: Liability
A&N Vastgoed is not accountable for the rent of the house for rent. This will be decided by the owner. A&N Vastgoed is not accountable for the way a landlord holds up to his duties after signing the contract. It is not the intention of A&N Vastgoed  and the Client that the A&N Vastgoed is authorised by the Client to carry out legal acts in his name or that pursuant to a mandate A&N Vastgoed will carry out legal acts for account of the Client.

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