Living on a picturesque courtyard, in a stately canal house, or an old town hall? A shop or restaurant in an old village street, an office unit in a courtyard or a workshop in an industrial warehouse? A&N Vastgoed is the rental agent for exceptional historic, listed and commercial properties throughout the Netherlands. Find all the FAQs here.

FAQs such as 'I am looking to rent a property'

  • I have found a property I like. What do I do now?

    Please carefully read the description of the property again. Are you sure the property meets all your requirements? And check the availability, sometimes a property is only available for a short, limited period (short-stay). We always state this clearly in the description.


    Be sure to check the available m2, parking, the neighbourhood. Are there any additional charges? What charges are included in the rent?


    Does the property fit your requirements? Request a viewing through your online account. This option is only available if you have an A&N membership. Membership is available for an annual fee of 40 euros and allows you unlimited viewings for an entire year.

  • Why should I register with A&N Verhuur?

    Property listings are constantly changing. New, great properties are added every day. With our free email service, you will receive notifications of new properties in your mailbox.


    With an A&N membership (40 euros per year), you can submit requests for viewings straight away and you will be entitled to unlimited viewings.

  • How long can I use my paid account?

    For 40 euros a year you can respond to and view unlimited properties.

  • I want to rent a property with other people. How does that work?

    If you want to rent with several people, you only need to register once for one membership. If you have found a suitable property, you can add the names of additional tenants and any required documents on your account.

  • Does A&N have waiting lists?

    No, we don't have waiting lists. If you are registered as an A&N member, you can respond to properties immediately and view properties. However, we always check whether our prospective tenant have the financial resources to rent a specific property.


    A viewing may already be fully booked when you respond.

  • What is the difference between an inclusive and an exclusive rent?

    In order to avoid confusion about what is included in the rent, it is important to carefully look at the breakdown of the rent. A&N Vastgoed rents out several types of properties:


    • Unfurnished properties: these properties have no flooring and the walls need to be decorated.
    • Part-furnished properties including service charges: these properties have flooring, the walls are decorated and part of the service charges are included in the rent.
    • Part-furnished properties including service charges, gas, water and electric: these properties have an all-inclusive rent.
  • How much can I expect to pay for gas, water and electric?

    Energy consumption depends on various factors, such as:


    • the number of users
    • the energy supplier
    • rates
    • the size of the property
    • energy performance certificate
    • existing installations and insulation.


    The energy supplier bases the amount of the energy bill on expected consumption. This expected consumption is determined partly based on historical consumption of the property.


    A&N Vastgoed cannot guarantee the expected charges associated with energy consumption. We use an estimate of a standard amount:


    €175 per month for a single person household and €50 for the second person.


  • What are municipal taxes and who must pay these?

    As a resident of the municipality of The Hague, you will have to pay various municipal taxes at different rates each year. The main municipal taxes borne by tenants are waste and sewerage charges.


    Annual waste charges rates 2022


    - 1 person € 313.32

    - 2 people € 352.20

    - 3 people or more € 385.32

  • What is the difference between social housing and the private sector?

    Of the majority of all rental properties in the Netherlands, around 75% is in the social housing sector. Properties in this sector are built for people who, due to their low income or other circumstances, struggle to pay for housing.


    These homes are usually owned by housing associations. To rent homes in this sector, please visit https://www.woonnet-haaglanden.nl/

    A&N Vastgoed is only active in the private rental sector. This market has arisen because the demand for rented housing is greater than what the social renting sector can absorb. In addition, there is a great demand for more expensive rental properties. Based on this demand, commercial landlords have started looking for investment opportunities in rental properties.

    This increases the housing supply to meet market demand and therefore enables a larger population to rent a house in The Hague. Different rules apply in the social housing sector than in the private rental sector.

  • How does A&N select prospective tenants if several people are interested in the same property?

    If several people are interested in a property, we make a selection based on:

    • presentation, impression and introduction
    • creditworthiness of the interested party
    • specific requirements of the property owner
    • the registration period of the interested party
    • our experience.
  • What conditions must a tenant meet in order to rent a property through A&N Rental?

    It is important to homeowners that a tenant is creditworthy in order to be able to rent a home. That is why A&N Verhuur has drawn up a number of rules for tenants in order to qualify for a certain rental property.


    • Tenants must be in work and be able to hand over a copy of a permanent employment contract
    • The gross monthly salary of a tenant should be at least 3.5 times the exclusive monthly rent of the property


    Are you not meeting one of these requirements?
    Sometimes you may need a guarantor to rent the house. The final candidate choice is always determined by the landlord/property owner.

  • How do I terminate my tenancy agreement?

    Download the termination form here. Fill it in and email it to A&N Vastgoed and/or the property owner, depending on your tenancy agreement. Make sure your termination has been received, check if you have received confirmation of this. Please observe the notice period, always carefully read your tenancy agreement.

  • Who pays the fees for rental mediation?

    The property owner engages A&N Verhuur for rental mediation for their property. The landlord pays these fees to A&N Verhuur. The tenant will never be charged mediation fees.


    In all cases, you must transfer the first rent and deposit to A&N Vastgoed. We will settle the mediation fees with the property owner.

  • Who should I pay the rent to?

    If the property owner chooses to carry out the administrative and technical management/maintenance of their property, the tenant will be in direct contact with the property owner during the tenancy agreement.


    In all cases, you must transfer the first rent and deposit to A&N Vastgoed. We will settle the mediation fees with the property owner and transfer the deposit. After the first month, you will pay the rent directly to the property owner.


    Please read your tenancy agreement carefully and make sure you pay your rent into the correct bank account on time.

  • Property management

    In many cases, the property owner chooses to outsource property management to A&N Beheer.

    Administratief Beheer
    In dit geval verzorgt A&N:

    • rental mediation
    • collecting and processing rent


    Technical management
    In this case A&N takes care of:

    • rental mediation
    • collecting and processing rent
    • routine maintenance
    • 24/7 emergency service


    In the latter case, tenants have no direct contact with the property owner. All rents and deposits are paid to A&N Vastgoed.



    For routine maintenance and emergencies, you can contact A&N Management directly at:


    beheer@anvastgoed.nl and/or 070-3586391


    Please read your tenancy agreement carefully and make sure you pay your rent into the correct bank account on time.

  • What are admin/contract fees for?

    A&N Verhuur charges the tenant 60 euros for administration fees per tenancy agreement. This contribution covers the charges of any additional services in order to make the rental process as easy as possible for the tenant.

  • What is our expat rental service?

    As a prospective tenant, you can commission A&N Verhuur to search for a rental property. This often happens when someone from outside The Hague or from abroad is looking for a property.

    During intake, A&N will decide whether we will take on your search. The search criteria of the prospective tenant determines the realistic chance of success. Mediation fees are charged to the tenant for a property search.

  • What are the rules regarding the deposit?

    Depending on the situation and the requirements of the property owner, a deposit of at least 1 month will be requested at the start of the tenancy agreement.


    This deposit will be returned to the tenant within one month minus any charges for damage incurred during the tenancy.

  • Can I buy or sell a property through A&N Vastgoed?

    Yes you can. A&N Verkoop specialise in the sale and purchase of properties in The Hague and surrounding areas. Our selling and buying agents will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for an introductory meeting.