General Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Definitions  

A&N Vastgoed: Real estate agent A&N Vastgoed BV in The Hague. Prospective Tenant: a (legal) person who registers as a prospective tenant on the A&N Vastgoed website ( a (legal) person who wishes to rent out a property.


Article 2: A&N membership  

The membership is valid for 1 year from the date of registration or when we have fulfilled our remit. The membership fee is €40. Once we have received the membership fee, we will record your registration details in our file. With an A&N membership, Prospective Tenants can view and book unlimited viewings directly through an online account (My A&N).


Article 3: Privacy  

The personal data of the Prospective Tenant will be stored in the records of A&N Vastgoed. A&N Vastgoed does not provide any data to third parties without the consent of the Prospective Tenant, unless it is obliged to do so on the basis of a legal obligation and/or if it is useful or necessary for the execution of an agreement. The registered data will only be used by A&N Vastgoed for the purpose of executing the agreement with the Prospective Tenant.


Article 4: Scope of the agreement   

A&N Vastgoed works on behalf of the Landlord and will mediate between the Prospective Tenant and the Landlord with the aim of renting out their property. The mediation carried out by A&N Vastgoed ends if a successful mediation (by means of a tenancy agreement signed by both parties) has been concluded.


Article 5: Reservation Agreement  

After selecting a specific property, the parties shall record this in writing in a reservation agreement to be signed by the Prospective Tenant. The following provisions are laid down in the tenancy agreement:

  • Specifications of the property and the amount of the advance payment (usually half of the monthly rent)


Article 6: Acceptance  

  • After signing the reservation agreement, A&N Vastgoed will put forward the Prospective Tenant to the Landlord.
  • For the purpose of signing a tenancy agreement, an acceptance survey is carried out for each candidate. The focus is on solvency and tenant behaviour. In exceptional cases, this will first be discussed with A&N Vastgoed. Exceptional cases may be grounds for refusing a Prospective Tenant.
  • If the Landlord is willing to accept the Prospective Tenant, mediation will commence and the advance payment will be settled with the total amount owed (rent, deposit).
  • If the Landlord is not willing to accept the Prospective Tenant, the advance payment will be refunded to the Prospective Tenant. If the Prospective Tenant decides to cancel the process for any reason after signing and paying the advance payment, this will not be refunded. This is because A&N Vastgoed has reserved the property for the Prospective Tenant at the time the Prospective Tenant made the advance payment, and has already been removed from property listings.
  • The Prospective Tenant agrees to meet all financial obligations before moving into the property.


Article 7: Obligations of the Prospective Tenant  

The Prospective Tenant will provide all information and documents necessary for the execution of the agreement in a timely manner. The Prospective Tenant is responsible for the accuracy of this information and documents. If the Prospective Tenant fails to comply with this obligation in time, A&N Vastgoed has the right to suspend the execution of the agreement and/or to charge additional costs to the Prospective Tenant in accordance with customary rates.


Article 8: Fees for services by A&N Vastgoed  

  • We do not charge any mediation costs to the Prospective Tenant for mediation of properties included in A&N Vastgoed BV's property portfolio.
  • We charge a one-off fee of €60 for personal portal services. In this personal online environment, tenants can view and download their documents (e.g. reservation agreement, tenancy agreement, photos and inspection reports) for the duration of the tenancy agreement. We provide a safe, central environment for storing these important documents.
  • If the Prospective Tenant has submitted a request to A&N Vastgoed to search outside A&N Vastgoed BV's property portfolio (a rental property search request), the Prospective Tenant shall owe A&N Vastgoed a fee equal to one (1) month's rent excluding VAT.


Article 9: Liability  

  • A&N Vastgoed is under no circumstances liable for the consequences of inaccuracy of the information provided by the Landlord.
  • A&N Vastgoed is not liable for damage suffered by the Prospective Tenant as a result of acts or failure to act by the Landlord under the tenancy agreement concluded through mediation by A&N Vastgoed.
  • A&N Vastgoed is not liable for the consequences of any damage and/or defects to the property that are present at the time of the acceptance of the property by the Prospective Tenant. It is up to the Prospective Tenant to check the property for any damage and/or defects and, if necessary, to contact the Landlord.
  • A&N Vastgoed is authorised to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part in the event of non-compliance by the (Prospective) Tenant with any obligation under the agreement, without further notice of default or judicial intervention, and to claim compensation for damage incurred.
  • If the (Prospective) Tenant has not fulfilled the payment obligations on time, A&N Vastgoed is authorised to suspend compliance with its obligations until payment has been made. The same applies if A&N Vastgoed already has reasonable grounds to suspect that the (Prospective) Tenant will not meet their payment obligations before the occurrence of default. The consequences of suspension by A&N Vastgoed are borne by the (Prospective) Tenant.


Article 10: Applicable Law  

The agreement concluded between A&N Vastgoed and the Prospective Tenant is governed exclusively by Dutch law.