Launch Homeowner portal

The aim of the portal is to provide the homeowner with information online about their property


To serve you even better, we have created the Homeowner portal. This the portal will be added to our standard services.


The aim of the portal is to provide you with an online environment in which you will be able to find all necessary information regarding your properties. You can view the following information at any time:


Current mediations

The status of current mediations, how far along are we in the process of renting out your property?


Property information

For the properties known to us, we provide you with the information you need:

  • Current tenant(s)
  • Current tenancy agreement
  • Documents current tenant
  • Inspection report
  • Previous tenant(s)
  • Previous rental contract
  • Documents previous tenant



You can view all mediation invoices


If A&N Realestate manages the property, we have the following additional information:



- Purchases

- Property management costs and monthly settlements


Incoming rents

Per property insight whether rents have been received by us from the tenants.


Return on investment

An overview of the (gross) return. We have listed the income and expenses - that we know of - regarding your properties,


At a later date more feutures will be added. For example:

  • Candidate tenants will be introduced to you via the portal.
  • You will be able to approve tenants
  • Ticketing system for repairs and small maintenance will be shown including current status.


To get acquainted quickly we have made an introductory video for you. In the video we will explain how the portal works and where you can find the information.  


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