New mortgage rules in 2021

The annual changes to the mortgage rules will take place in 2021. We have listed the most important ones for you in this article.

New mortgage rules in 2021

The annual changes to the mortgage rules will take place in 2021. We have listed the most important ones for you in this article.

1. Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee limit raised to €325,000

The so-called cost limit for mortgages with the Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) continues to rise. The mortgage may now be a maximum of €310,000 to qualify for NHG. From 1 January 2021, this will be €325,000. If you install additional energy-saving facilities, you could take out an NHG mortgage of up to €344,500. The big advantage of an NHG mortgage is that you pay a lower interest rate. This could be up to 0.6%. However, you must pay a one-off premium of 0.7% of the total mortgage. But you'll soon earn it back.

2. Second income counts for 90%

From 1 January 2021, 90% of the second income will be included in the calculation of the maximum mortgage. This is currently 80%. This does not automatically mean that a double-income household can borrow more. After all, how much you can borrow in 2021 also depends on the new Nibud housing quotas. This shows what percentage of your income you are allowed to use for your mortgage.

3. Student debt will be taken into account to a lesser extent in mortgage calculations

Good news for former students with a student debt. It will be taken into account to a lesser extent next year. A fixed percentage currently still applies; from 2021, the bank will calculate the average interest rate over the past five years. This is beneficial because interest rates have been historically low for quite some time. It allows you to borrow more for your home.

4. No real estate transfer tax up to 35 years

From 2021, home buyers under the age of 35 will probably not have to pay a one-off transfer tax for properties up to € 400,000. You currently pay 2% tax when you buy an existing property. That saves € 6,000 on a € 300,000 property. The House of Representatives and the Senate have not yet approved this proposal.

5. Maximale aftrek omlaag

You can deduct the mortgage interest you pay from your income when filing your tax return. As a result, you pay less to the tax authorities. Do you earn more than € 68,507 gross per year? You will be able to deduct less mortgage interest next year. The maximum deduction percentage is currently 46%, compared to 43% in 2021.

6. ‘Covid Assessment’ for business owners and self-employed persons

Do you own a business or are you self-employed and want to take out a mortgage? You may have to complete a ‘Covid Assessment'. This applies if you opt for a mortgage with a Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee. As a business owner or self-employed person, you must state whether your company is financially affected by the Covid pandemic. If it is not, you will have to explain why not. If it is, you will need to answer more questions. More information about this here.

Maximum of 100% of the property value

What won't be changing is that you can finance up to 100% of the value of your home with a mortgage. Other costs, such as transfer tax and estate agent fees, must be paid from your savings or you must take out a separate loan for it.

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