The Hague rental market - fourth quarter 2020

The Hague rental market in the fourth quarter of 2020 in figures


The Hague rental market - fourth quarter 2020

Every quarter, A&N will inform you about the housing market in The Hague with the data from the entire housing market supplemented by our personal experiences in the field.

Summary Q4 2020

Below you will find the key figures for the third quarter of 2020 with a link to the full report.


Average rents are falling, but this depends heavily on the type and condition of the property. Mid-range properties are still very popular, so that sector is experiencing the smallest price decline. We are seeing that furnished or high-end rental properties are less popular because the target group (mostly expats) is smaller. In December you will see a significant drop in average prices, which is also due to public holidays and the 'shock' of lockdown.

How long are properties listed online

The same conclusions can be drawn from this data. In principle, the pressure on temporary rentals is high. There is still a lot of demand for the middle segment. As a result, these properties will not be vacant for long, provided they are priced in line with market rates. However, furnished and 100m2+ homes do increase the average duration. These homes are less popular.

How many new properties are listed

Due to the holidays, movement declines in December every year. Fewer people decide to move in that month, so in that sense this decline is 'normal'. Experience has shown that in January 2021 we will see an increase in listings. Not excessively different from the norm.

Full report

View the full report here including all data for Q4 2020.

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The Hague rental market - third quarter 2020

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