The Hague rental market - third quarter 2020

What are the effects of Covid-19 on the rental market? Read our analysis here.


The Hague rental market - third quarter 2020

Thanks to a collaboration, A&N Vastgoed now have access to an advanced and unique data system, fully tailored to housing market in The Hague. This data supports our many years of experience as real estate specialists in The Hague and, with this data, we can keep you up to date on developments in the current housing market.

Summary Q3 2020

Below you will find the key figures for the third quarter of 2020 with a link to the full report.

Rents during the Covid-19 pandemic

The graph above shows a fall in average asking prices from March to May. From June 2020, the average asking price will rise again. The fall in rents will resume in September 2020. The fall in September is partly seasonal, but mainly due to the increase in the number of days a property is listed online before it is rented. There is therefore too much supply in a particular rental segment, which lowers the price.

How long are properties listed online

The above graph shows how long rental properties are listed online on average. We are seeing that furnished homes in the higher segment in particular are listed online for longer on average. We are currently seeing less demand for such homes due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, given the general housing shortage, homes in a lower price range continue at the same pace.

Full report

View the full report here with all data for Q3 2020.

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